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You are about to apply for a Helper/Builder role for CreepasOPPrison / EpicKits

You will be part of a staff team that is responsible. If you think you can do this job right ( Will not be paid ) Click "Go And Apply"! Good Luck!
INGame Name:

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Current Minecraft username
NameMC Link *

Please enter a http://namemc.com/ link
What is your forum name? *

We need that in order to see if you posted at least 3 forum posts
So {{answer_52450897}}. We would like to know Your Age. *

Please be honest: Minimum to apply 13 Years Old.
And What is your Skype Username or Email? *

You must have skype for reunion
On a scale from 1 to 5 tell us how mature you are. *

1. Not at all
2. Once or Twice/week
3. Once every two days
4. Once every day
5. All the time

What is your TimeZone? *

Ex: EST, +1 UTC
What rank are you applying for? *

When did you start playing on the server? *

Be honest we can check
What is your playtime? *

(/Playtime) A minimum of 3 hours is required to apply!
Have you ever recieved a warn/mute/kick/ban on CreepasOPPrison?

If you did, did you understand the errors you did?
Have you donated before? if not are you planning to? *

Be honest we can check via the store.
Do you have any experience with beeing staff? *

Shutdown servers do not countand you must put the IP of the servers.
Make sure it is detailed.
What can you bring to the server by applying? *

Will you be able to record on our server?

Any additional information?

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